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The first time you visit a Website, you will be informed about our use of cookies and tracking pixels to improve you site experience. You must accept the use of cookies in order to benefit from their functionality. uses cookies and similar technologies to track your use of Websites to enable us to provide you with important features and functionality of Websites, as well as monitor your usage, and provide you with a more personalized experience and display information (including targeted advertisement) that matches your preferences.

1. What are cookies?

A cookie, or tracking pixel, is a small data file that is downloaded on to your computer, mobile phone or tablet, when you visit a website. It allows the website to recognize your device and store some information about your preferences and past actions.

The only personal information a cookie can contain is information you supply yourself. A cookie cannot read data from your hard disk or cookie files created by other websites. does not correlate this information with data about individual users, nor does it share this information or sell it to any third party.

2. What is a tracking pixel?

A tracking pixel, also known as a marketing pixel, is a small piece of code containing a graphic that is placed on a webpage to track user behavior, site conversions, web traffic, and primarily, to target and/or remarket ads. In order to target or remarket ads, information is collected on an anonymous cookie, which is then used to display targeted advertisements to select individuals on Websites.

For example, if you visited our website searching for plumbers, tracking pixels are the technology that allow for you to be served a special offer advertisement from a plumber when you visit Facebook, X (formally Twitter), or another website later.

3. What cookies are used on this website?

There are four groups of cookies used by Websites, and they are:

Essential Cookies: These cookies are necessary for the proper functioning of our website. They enable you to navigate the site and use its features. Without these cookies, some parts of the site may not work correctly.

Functional Cookies: These cookies enhance the user experience by remember your preferences and choices on our website. They allow us to provide you with personalized features and improved functionality.

Marketing/Advertising Cookies: These cookies are used to deliver relevant advertisements to you and track the effectiveness of our marketing/advertising campaigns. They also help us display targeted ads and measure the performance of our marketing/advertising efforts.

Analytics Cookies: These cookies collect information about how visitors use our website. For example, analytics cookies are used to track which pages visitors look at and how long they stay. This data is important as it helps us improve website performance and optimize its content for a better user experience.

Some of the cookies and/or tracking pixels described herein are stored on your device by third parties when you use our website (for example, the Facebook Pixel or Google Analytics). has no control over these, or how the third parties in question use them. They are used to allow the third party in question to provide a service for us, such as analytics, or in the case of Facebook, to tailor the advertising you see on Facebook to relevant products, services, business, or other interests of yours, based on your searches on Websites. Should you wish to know more about what these cookies are, please communicate with our Privacy Officer at

4. How do we use cookies?

We use cookies for various purposes, including:

Authentication and Security: Cookies help authenticate users and prevent fraudulent activities.

Personalization: Cookies remember your preferences (such as language or color preferences) and provide personalized content and recommendations.

Advertising/Marketing: Cookies enable us to show you relevant ads based on your interests and browsing behavior.

Analytics: Cookies allow us to gather insights into how users interact with our website, which helps us improve its functionality and content.

Visitor Profiling: We may use cookies to create profiles of our website visitors, including identifying their location and interests. That being said, we do make an effort to keep this information to a minimum and will anonymize or aggregate as much of the information as possible in order to prioritize your privacy.

We also place ads on a number of third-party websites. These cookies are used to control the frequency with which you are shown a particular ad on those websites, so that you do not see the same sourced ad too frequently. These cookies are not used for data collection.

We may use software that receives and records the Internet Protocol (IP) address of the computer that has contacted Websites. We make no attempt to link these addresses with the identity of individuals visiting Websites.

We may also use service providers to serve third party’s advertisements on Websites or advertisements on other websites. In serving advertisements these providers may place cookies on your browser computer and may collect certain anonymous information about your visits to other websites or on Websites. This information may include browser type, IP address, domain name and the name of the web page from which you entered such websites, web activity and time of day. This information is used by these third parties to better understand and optimize the online advertising campaigns.

Please note that, should you choose not to accept advertising/marketing cookies when visiting Websites, this will reduce or even remove the ability for us to serve you ads that best match your preferences.

From time to time, we analyze traffic and use Websites to determine which features and services people like and do not like so that we can improve what we do. We prepare aggregated user statistics or information summaries in order to describe our services to third parties such as prospective business partners and advertisers and for other lawful purposes.

5. How do you manage your consent to cookies?

The first time you visit a Website, you will be informed about our use of cookies and tracking pixels to improve you site experience. You must accept the use of cookies in order to benefit from their functionality.

Should you change your mind and wish not to have cookies used when visiting our websites, you can control or manage cookies in your browser settings. Most browsers allow you to refuse or delete cookies.

More specifically, you can:

*Delete the cookie from your browser’s cache. Most browsers have a function by which you can delete clear the cache, and for more information on how to do so, please click the “help” function on your browser. You can also prevent all or some future cookies from being saved on your device moving forward.

*If you only want to reject some or all of the third-party cookies you will need to revisit the relevant party’s website directly to manage the cookies stored on your device by them.

Please note that disabling cookies may impact some of our sites’ functionality.

For more information about managing cookies, we ask that you please refer to your browser’s help documentation.

In addition, should you wish to revoke consent you’ve already provided, please contact us at

6. How Long is your Consent Valid For?

Once you accept the use of cookies, your consent is valid for 12 months. This means that should any individual cookie expire within that 12-month period, we do not need to ask your permission again to download a new cookie on your device. If you decide not to accept the use of cookies on your device when you visit our website, we reserve the right to ask your permission again each time you visit the site.

7. Changes to this cookie statement

Your use of Websites, and any disputes arising from it, is subject to this Statement, our Privacy Statement and is governed by our Terms of Use, including its choice of law provisions. We reserve the right to change and update the Statement and these changes will be made when appropriate, in a timely manner. We encourage you to examine our Statement from time to time to ensure you are aware of any changes we may have made.

8. Contact Us

If you have concerns regarding our Statement, the security of your personal information or our compliance with the applicable personal information protection legislation, please send a brief explanation of your concern to our Privacy Officer at:

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