The Windowspace is here to space new window to your business and organisation flourish through our industry leading brands. Our brands can operate both individually and together to create, nurture, and accelerate your success.

We are Whereis

As a business, we’re committed to leadership that empowers staff, customers and communities to feel valued and respected for their individuality, ideas and goals. People drive what we do, so they are the foundation for our values as a business and how we operate.

Human connection is everything to us at Whereis
Bringing people to the forefront of our business strategy allows us to cultivate a richer culture built on belonging, embracing vulnerability and establishing purpose. These elements shape the way we work and keep us striving to do more for our customers. We think about every move from a planning mindset, being brave, high performance, overall wellness, customer at heart and pathways for growth. We can help you punch above your weight, delight your customers and bring Sri Lankan ingenuity to the world.

We’re dedicated to delivering our people-first approach and sharing the aroha with our customers, staff, and communities by partnering with various organisations. Acting as a gateway for our customers, they’re able to access business advice and support from professionals through Connector and Prime.